Tuesday, December 15, 2009

And Now We Truly Know Which Kid Takes After Me

Yesterday, the whole family was in the car headed to various places for the evening.  As usual, it was a trifle chaotic.  Sayer was squealing, C was erm, singing.  Shaun and I were trying to have a conversation.  And Bean was declaring loudly for everyone to hear that she did NOT want to hear anyone else. 

I told her to hold her ears. 

That worked for a minute.  (Probably less).  Then again, "I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR OTHER PEOPLE TALKIN'!"

I rolled my eyes, sighed and asked the impossible question, "Why?"

"Because I am GRUMPY and I do NOT want to LISTEN to ANYONE!"

"OK, Bean, just chill for a bit, ok?  We're almost there."

There was a momentary lull in the cacophony before it started up again, double the decibel level. 


And from the back seat, a little voice,

"Sister, chill!  Chill, Sissy, CHILL! CHILL SISSY!

(You can imagine the effect that had on the car... needless to say, Bean didn't think it was quite as funny as the rest of us did). 


  1. Oh, C you are sooooo precious!!! Gotta love the chaos of multiple kids.

  2. lord bean and my 5 y.o would be fast friends...every so often we will be sailing along nicely in the van and then all of a sudden you hear at the top of his lungs
    'stop tawkin yous making me crazy'

  3. C is way too cute! ~julie


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