Monday, December 21, 2009

At Least I'll Have Seen It Coming

Bean's in a funny stage lately.  She sings.  A lot. About EVERYTHING. 

She hums and sings and until recently, the vast majority of her songs consisted of exactly 5 words, sung over and over and over and over. 

"Mommy is making foooood.  Mommy is making FOOOD!  Moooooooommmy is making food."

Over and over. 

And over.

And while that was driving me crazy cute, I'm very glad that her songs are developing into nice, storytelling ballads instead. 

Except, her songs are a trifle... dark. 

The other day, she lined up her animal figurines and one by one she tipped them over, singing, "allllll creatures must diiiiie.  All creatures die!  They all die!  And when they diiiiie, they fall over!"  in the cheeriest voice imaginable. 

Erm, ok.  I mean, it's true and all, but um, a song topic? 

And then today, in the car,

"Santa won't bring the presents and Christmas isn't cooooooming!   Because everyone was bad, bad, and my Mommy said NOOOOOOO.   No more presents for anyone!  But thennnnnn, Mrs. Clause said we have to rescuuuuue Sannnnta!  Or Christmas will be goooooone!"

Where does she get this stuff?  I mean, really? 

Sometimes she sings about cheerier stuff, so I think I can safely assume she won't be pulling out the black clothes and Emo music anytime soon. 

I hope. 


  1. "allllll creatures must diiiiie"

    I LOVE IT!!!!

  2. Sounds like you have a hit-machine on your hands! Rather catchy. :o)

  3. What kind of stories have you been telling her about Santa?

    She is creative!

  4. that girl is just way beyond cute :) love her!

  5. So I HAD to comment because as your former college roommate I have fond memories of YOU singing ALL THE TIME in the apartment. You would sing in the shower, while making food, while I was writing a paper (or at least faking it) You would sing while walking to class, IN class, and well all the freakin' time. And I loved it :)

  6. forget the composing of songs......look at that picture! she is beautiful...ok and creative ~julie

  7. Ella narrates her whole life in song these days too! She also has started speaking in rhyme! It's like they've gotten to the place where they've mastered basic speech so now they want to make it interesting :-)

  8. LOVE it!

    Hannah has started adding in made-up words to her made-up songs... and she's pretty darn offended when I don't know what she's talking about.

  9. LOL that is hilarious! She is too funny! I can just see her as a teen in her emo clothes with her ipod listening to emo music!


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