Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Linky Link Link Links - Part Erm, 3?

So, I just got back from vacation.  It was wonderful!  And I'm about to wrap up my last week of teaching, Bean's last week of preschool, and summer's about to be in full swing.  So?  Blogging will be as well.  For today, here's the collection of links from my last couple of weeks.  Lots of fun to come the rest of this week!

Funniest (Most Horrifying?) Parenting Moments in Photos - Some of these are GREAT!  Some of them are ridiculous.  All of them made me feel a bit better about handing my daughter craft scissors to play with when she was 10 months old. 

The Alot - Funniest grammar post I've read in a super long time.  I'm a nerd, I know.  (Via Amy)

Cute Baby Trick Pic - I want to take this little Michelin baby and squeeze those adorable baby legs.  I also want to make Sayer do this.  Unfortunately, his monster cranium makes him too top heavy right now. 

Felt Roses - I want to make these.  I don't know what I'd do with them... hair clips, perhaps? 

Does the Name Make the Man?  Fascinating article about a guy who was nameless until adulthood.

Think Your Toddler is Bad?  This story will not only make you thankful that ALL your kid did was unravel the toilet paper roll and stuff it in the toilet, but also give you hope for the future... see, she turned out quite nicely, as per her mother. 

I Want This Table.  My kids would ruin this table.  Enough said.

Anti-Foodie - This cracked me up and made me think.  Are social media and self-proclaimed "food bloggers" ruining the dining out experience? 

That's it!  My browser can now stop wheezing at having to maintain six thousand tabs. 


  1. GREAT links! Those bad parenting pics are hilarious :-)

  2. awesome links. i cant remember which blog i saw the standing baby on but too cute!!!!

  3. I can't believe that Bad Toddler story... I think I honestly would've just wanted to burn the house down and be done with it. How could one kid be that destructive in such a short amount of time?!


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