Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'd Scream If I Saw That on My Car Window, Too!

The kids and I were driving home from the farm this afternoon and all of the sudden Caly started shrieking in the backseat.  Then very quietly,

"Mama!  A bug! A bug!"  (She always says it twice, no idea why).

I glanced back but didn't see any 6 legged creature threatening to crawl on her so I said,

"I think it's a raindrop, Monkey... not a bug..."

Apparently, she didn't agree,

"Mama!  Mama!  A spiderman! A SPIDERMAN!"

You can bet I looked back for that one.  Hey, it's not every day you see Peter Parker crawling down your window.

(And for the record, she thought it was a spider... in reality, it was a gnat.  A very small and almost invisible gnat.  Alas, not Spiderman). 


  1. Oh how i needed that right now. I had to attend a memorial today for a friend who died way to young and i needed this lightness of heart to heal my hurt. Thank you for sharing your little birghtness with me.

    I so would have freaked out over a spider. Especially a spiderman hehe!

  2. Too funny! Perspective changes with time - hopefully.

    And remind her that having Spidey around might not be a bad thing - you could have him reach all the stuff on the top shelf, get on the roof to clean the gutters and keep the three little ones in the yard with his Spidey-Senses. :o)

  3. love that pic of C! and such a fun story too :)


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