Monday, May 17, 2010

I Didn't Get Eaten By Porcupine Turtles, I Promise

I'm around, really.  I'm coming off of what was one of the worst weeks I've had since Sayer's been born, really...   because of how exhausted and overwhelmed I was. 

But now I'm feeling quite a bit less foggy.  It helps that the smallest munchkin is sleeping in slightly longer increments and I'm going to bed at a slightly more decent hour.  (Read 9pm instead of 11... I know, I'm an old fart, leave me alone). 

So alas, here I am! 

And to celebrate?  5 quick thoughts from the mind o' JennyJenJen  (But really, don't ever call me Jenny.  The ONLY person who I ever let do that was my high school soccer coach... and that was mainly because I don't think I could have been the one to break the "EE" endings on our team... Katie, Jackie, Amy, Julie, Becky, etc... )

1.  I make the best guacamole in the world.  An avocado, half of a red pepper - diced, some black beans, a splash of lime juice, a smidge of salsa, (my preferred brand is Trader Joe's Tomatillo and Yellow Chili Salsa), a tiny bit of garlic salt, ample sprinkles of smoked paprika and some cumin.  You're welcome.  (Yes, it's that good). 

2.  I'm mildly obsessed with several things:  Sweet Leaf Mint 'N Honey Tea, (made with spearmint instead of peppermint... holy cow, delicious), Lady Gaga's "Alejandro," (shut up, SHUT UP, I know), the aforementioned guacamole, baby kisses (that don't turn into bites... not so fond of those), and hearing my girls giggle together over the baby monitor. 

3.  I wish someone would come up with an Android app for Blogger as well as a decent feedreader.  If you know of one, let me know.  (For that matter, any app suggestions would be awesome... because I need more things to waste my time). 

4.  How often do you people clean out your kitchen trash can?  I mean, really... because I did it tonight and HOLY GROSSNESS, people. 

5.  I stress clean minutiae.  See above.  Also, the other day, I took every magnet off of the fridge and WASHED them.  (And the refrigerator as well).  I've been known to organize sock and erm, undergarment drawers.  I sort my closet by color and or sleeve length.  Weird, I know.  Today I moved onto slightly bigger things...  cleaning out the refigerator, reorganizing kids toys...  I suppose I'm just avoiding laundry.  I'm good at that. 

Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow with normal posting.  (Isn't this normal?) 


  1. I sort my clothes by color and sleeve length, too!! Not only that, but I organize the colors alphabetically from left to right. We're two of a kind, Jenny. Hahahaha.... just kidding. Jen. :)

  2. Want to come over and give me some motivation?

    I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with things like figuring out toy organization and figuring out how to put away the boxes of toiletry items sitting on my bedroom floor.

    Or we could just take the kids to the park across the street and hang out. :)

  3. I want your guacamole, please.

    I am not allowed to clean the kitchen right now. I tend to start with cleaning a fork and then all of the sudden the door is off of the oven and I am scrubbing for the next hour. Or getting the Q-Tip out to clean the grill of the microwave. We don't have time for that right now, so I stick to small stuff. :o)

    Hope you have an AWESOME day today!

  4. Thanks for the recipe. I use to work for a fresh salsa company and she made guac but i love to try new things.

    I stay far away from the trash can. That is all hubby's job. ALong with cleaning the fridge as i hate to deal with it and since i stock it i feel it is far that he clean it hehe.

  5. Man, I wish I could transport you over here to organize things in my house! I keep waiting for that second-trimester burst of energy people always talk about, but so far I feel tired as ever, just no longer nauseous. Everything really needs spring cleaned around here, particularly the windows, and the fridge is overflowing, but I have zero motivation to do anything beyond the absolutely necessary.
    Also, thanks for the guac recipe! I am always trying to perfect mine.

  6. I can spend two hours cleaning the kitchen (much like Rob does) and completely run out of time for picking up the clutter/trash/junk in the rest of the house.

    It's been a LONG process to learn to clean a little less perfectly.

  7. No need to be embarrassed about Lady Gaga...I'm seeing her in concert in September! I also organize my closet by color and sleeve length. I went through all my clothes the other week and reorganized everything...I was most proud of how my sock and undergarments drawer was organized! And I'm proud of you for cleaning out your fridge! I REALLY need to go grocery shopping I think all I have in my fridge is fruit, some cheese and beer! hahahaha

  8. Hugs! I clean like that too, and overlook the major stuff. I'm a nut!


    Is there no "google reader" website for your phone?

  9. Jen, i totally sort my clothes by color and sleeve length too. I just moved everything back from my apartment and the disorganization is driving me NUTS! I'll play with your kids if you clean my room? please?


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