Monday, May 3, 2010

Linky Link Link Links - Again!

I apologize for the lack of posting.  I was on a roll.  Then, the weather became lovely and we moved outside for our waking hours.

All the same, I did end up accumulating more tabs... and more... and more...

So here?  Here you go.  Enjoy.  (And if you do enjoy, tell me!  I like comments.  I'm a comment junkie.  True).

Electron Boy - Awesome, inspiring story of a boy for whom the wish of many boys came true.  He got to be a superhero for the day.

Non-Toxic Cleaning Recipes - Hate using harsh chemicals to clean?  Don't want to pay an arm and a leg for organic/natural cleaners?  Make your own!

Yogurt Recipes - My kids love yogurt, but sometimes balk at plain yogurt.  And I get rather tired of the same old fruit smoothie recipes.  So here's a pile of recipes where you can use plain yogurt.  Looking forward to trying some of these. 

The Dog Wagon - One of the coolest things I've ever seen.  (Amy, think your mom would be up for rigging one together for Brooklyn?)  Be sure to read part 2.  And read the rest of his blog.  Well worth the time. 

Natural Playground - and here too.  While the rubber grounded plastic playgrounds make my mom heart beat a bit slower, I do have a desire for my kids to visit places like this... get dirty, skin a knee or two, and have fun.  (via FreeRangeKids)

Reusable Lunch Bag - I want one of these so badly.  But I think my husband would take my cash and cards if I bought another bag.  *sigh*  Hey, if YOU buy one, I can look at yours!  (via babygadget).

Edible Teacups - We are SO doing these sometime soon.  Cute, no?  Tea party, anyone? (via Parenthacks)

Caly's Ideal Birthday Present - I just saw this...  a big version of her beloved monkey "night-night."  I think she would flat out keel over from the joy.  Cute!   (Seriously, Shaun won't let me buy it...  for now ;)


  1. Dont feel bad i have been mia as well. How i miss reading and blogging and catching up with my bloggy friends! Great links! Thanks!!!

  2. We made lunch bags from blank canvas bags from Michael's. We let Abby paint them up a bit and gave them away for birthdays last year, or something like that. They are not nearly as nice, but fun conversation pieces! :o)

  3. Thanks for the cleaning recipe links! I've never really used a recipe per se, but man, there is nothing like good old baking soda and vinegar for cleaning just about everything.

  4. Nice links! I sent the dog one along to mom :-) I'm definitely going to try to make a lunch bag like that.


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