Monday, February 8, 2010


We have about 34 inches of snow on the ground outside of our house.  And all but about 4 of those inches are from one, massive, wonderful storm over this past weekend.

The deluge of white stuff rendered escape from our house impossible, so Shaun and I spent our time watching movies, playing with the munchkins, cooking comfort food, cleaning cabinets (me), shoveling (Shaun), cleaning the fish tank, eating, and playing online.

I love it!

My poor extroverted husband is going a little stir crazy.  I told him he could talk to the kids all day to ease his need for company and that would soothe my introverted soul too.  (Because truly, there's only so many games of princess dress up that one woman can play without losing her dang mind).  He didn't quite see my point there.  Something about adult conversation and company... and being among the masses.  Yeah, count me out.

At the moment, Shaun and Bean are outside digging paths to our neighbors' houses.  C is curled up next to me watching Sesame Street, (to save me from having to bundle her to high heaven for her to be outside for all of 11 seconds), and Sayer is taking a lovely nap.

We don't have many plans for the day, which is exactly how I like it.  I might grade some papers, make some bagels, or take some photos.  We're supposed to get another foot or so tomorrow, so I'm guessing we'll be marooned for couple more days at least.

(You won't hear me complaining)


  1. Could you email me some of the pictures that took yesterday... I would love to see some of those. (and maybe the one of me with the skirt on my head, loaf of bread and bottle of wine)

    - In case you have not already figure it out... Robin

  2. I would never have dreamed you are an introvert! I also would never have dreamed of making my own bagels :)

    I, too, am very tired of Hope's current favorite activity: make Tigger and Pooh figurines talk. Maybe I can take a turn at dress-up with yours and you can play Pooh with mine?!


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