Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lunch Looks

Today I had a tasty little lunch...

Avocados, red peppers, sun dried tomatoes and a smidgen of mayo on fresh baked cheddar parmesan bread.

It was quite good! Though a trifle mild. If I were to do it over again, (as I most certainly will... perhaps in the next ten minutes if I'm going to be honest)...  I would probably roast some garlic and spread it onto the bread instead of the mayo. 

Since I can't share my actual lunch with y'all today, I'll give you a little visual treat. 


  1. I think I just died. I would like to enjoy that lunch, too!

  2. Nice pic! You should send that into Tastespotting. I bet it would taste good with turkey, not deli turkey - the Thanksgiving kind.

  3. That looks great! To avoid lunch meat I've been eating Avocado sandwiches lately! A little horseradish mustard is a nice spicy addition to the creamy sweetness of the avocado :-)

  4. Looks DE-Licious! It kind of reminds me of our meal at On the Border.

  5. I thought of this post today when I had lunch. I'm not sure why...I had lunch at Panera and my sandwich looked nothing like yours...but as I was enjoying it, this post came to mind. Ha!


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