Friday, February 12, 2010


A perfect mother never lets her 6 month old play with crayons.

A good mother never lets her 6 month old eat a crayon.

A halfway-decent mother would at least take the crayons away.

Um, instead of any of the above, this mother took pictures.  I'm not quite sure what that makes me...

(Crayon face aside, look at him sitting up by himself!)


  1. That makes you an awesome mother :)
    Good sitting up, Sayer! Whoo hoo!

  2. The best darned mom that kid could ask for, that's what! Way too cute!

  3. At the very least, it makes you a great blogger!

    Nice pics :-)

  4. Um... can I eat his cheeks? They look scrumptious!!! :)

    You're an awesome mother who know the number to poison control by heart! A little bit of colored wax never hurt anyone, right?

  5. A great mom! The pics are adorable. He is such a cutie and looks absolutely thrilled to be eating the crayon.

  6. He looks very happy!!! Sitting up like a pro!!!!
    And by the way You are a Super Fantastic Mom!!!!!!

  7. Fantastic is what it makes you! And a mom who knows what's important in life.

  8. aww what a cutie! gleeful to be eating that crayon!


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