Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Brothers In Cahoots

It's no secret that Sayer is enamored with his baby brother. He can't walk by the baby without giving him a kiss or tipping his head to the side and asking, "I hold Zoen, Mama, I hold Zoen?"

Half the time, he'll "hold" the baby and say, "He's laughing, Mama, he's LAUGHING!" Sometimes, I'll peer down and Z will be grinning away, other times? Zoen is fully asleep.  But hey, whatever encourages a good sibling relationship!

Yesterday, Sayer was sitting next to me on the floor as I changed Zoen's diaper.  I got distracted by something shiny, (the more tired I am, the easier it is... we've had a lot of half finished tasks around here lately), and the next thing I knew, I felt something on my leg... that unmistakable wet warmth.  I shrieked and jumped backwards before covering Z's er, bits, with a diaper.

Sayer looked at me and dissolved into giggles.  Then he got down next to Zoen's face, grinned at him, and said, "Do it again, brudder, do it again!"

Thank goodness Z doesn't have the control to follow Sayer's commands yet, because I have no doubt that little one will do exactly what his big brother asks.  (Which, combined with Sayer doing near everything his sisters ask? Um, might be dangerous).


  1. Oh my word! You are in for it with those uber adorable kids of yours! I'm excited to see how Zoen grows up with all of the influences of his siblings!!

  2. The fourth, in my experience, is generally compliant. This is a good thing, most of the time. When they are compliant with the requests of the older siblings, it can be interesting. I wouldn't be so worried about Zoen, but that little Sayer....he'll be a huge influence. Stay on top of that project!

  3. Eli adores Jamie, too, and I do worry about a few years from now when they're planning tandem mischief! Jameson clearly worships his older siblings, and often prefers them to Jim and me when he's bored and wants entertainment. So yeah, I'm thinking he could be talked into anything they think is cool if I don't keep an eye on him!

  4. The most awesome thing about these kids is watching their sibling relationship grow. As an only child this is all new to me! It is SO heartwarming!

  5. HA! Hannah definitely does EVERYTHING Christopher tells her to do. Even when she knows they are both going to get into trouble. And they LAUGH at me together!!

  6. Hahahahaha! I hate the feeling - both the pee and the coordination amongst the little ones. One niece encourages the other to do some rough stuff. Oy!


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