Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Silly Kidlets

I'm having trouble forming coherent thoughts in the last few days... post Easter weekend exhaustion. But my kids? Yeah, they're not tired. And they're full of funny.

Two nights ago, I was snuggling with Sayer trying to wind him down for bed.  (As an aside: a friend said that the secret to getting her husband to sleep when he was a kid was to get him to stay still and stop talking. That is SO my kid).  Anyway, he would lay still for a few seconds at a time then start to wiggle and sing. At one point, he rolled towards me, veeeeeeeerrrrrry slowly and reached towards my face. I pretended to be resting to see what he was going to do. He gently pinched my cheek, then he brought his hand to his mouth and pretended to chew,

"Mmmm, more chicken?  Yup!"  Then he did it again. And again.  And then?  He rolled over and went to sleep. My sides hurt from trying not to laugh out loud. But hey, whatever works to get him to sleep!

Right around Easter, the kids asked questions about the story and one of them requested the entire story of the life of Jesus, from Christmas, (his birthday), onward. The kids spontaneously decided to act it out.

Caly decided she wanted to play the part of baby Jesus. Which, of course, meant that baby Jesus needed... um, care...

"Maaaamaaa! I'm dirty! I need a diaper change!"

Lexi was horrified, "Caly! Baby Jesus did NOT poop in his pants!"

Heh.  They make me giggle.


  1. I can so see Lexi's face processing the shock and horror that goes along with the idea that Jesus pooped!

  2. Tee Hee - When doing confirmation class when I was in the 7th grade (a long, long time ago) there was a girl who noted that Jesus needed a good pair of Nike's, and never seemed to have enough clothes on in the pictures. She became known as Naked Jesus Girl...

  3. That is EXACTLY what Christopher needs to go to sleep. 45 seconds of being still and quiet. Sadly, it takes him more than half an hour to get there :-)


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