Monday, April 18, 2011

Zoen - One Month! And 5 Days

So, my sweet, snuggly youngest is already a month old.

I'm flat out in denial of this.

Thankfully, he still curls up over my shoulder to sleep and I don't plan on forcing that whole "sleep in his bed" thing anytime soon.

He perpetually looks surprised when he's really awake.  Either that or cross-eyed.  He'll figure it out eventually.  In the mean time, it CRACKS us up.

This kid is a lot like his oldest sister was as a baby... sweet, easy, mellow, relaxed.

But he's LOUD.  My goodness, he's loud.  I'll settle down in bed and be right about to drift off to sleep when I hear, *Snarfle snarfle, grunt grunt* "EHHHHHHH.  EHHHHHHHHH." *Grunt, grunt*  And inevitably, when I haul myself over to his bassinet to check on him, he's sound asleep. Of course.

He's loud when he nurses, too.  I settle down to nurse him and his grunts and sighs turn heads from clear across the room.  He totally reminds me of a piglet. (Don't worry, I think they're irresistibly cute, too).

And truly, at the rate he's growing?  That's apt.  We left the hospital with him at 7 lbs, 14 oz.  He's now 11 lbs, 8 oz. Ginormous.

When he's up on my shoulder, he has a way of wrapping one of his arms around my arm in a half-hug.

Not terribly clear, but the only pic I have of him doing this.

He's still a thumb sucker on occasion, something I'm encouraging, despite raised eyebrows from others.  Hey, he's my fourth kid. I've had a pacifier user, a finger sucker, and a kid for whom NOTHING but me would suffice.  I'll go on record saying that the kid who sucked her fingers was by far the easiest in the middle of the night.  So, we'll keep hoping for the thumb to become a nice, self-soothing habit.

He sleeps best when he's belly-to-belly with me, holding his head tipped back and his hands under his chin.  I'm not complaining. He's nice and warm. And the snuggles! I'm drinking in all of the delicious baby snuggles I can handle.

I usually write my updates to the kid I'm talking about, but this time? That would have gotten dreadfully sentimental... all the same, I will, for a second.

So, Z?  You're 100% adorable, completely sweet, and your belly button is totally shaped like a cinnamon roll.   Never doubt for a second how loved and cherished you are.




  1. love it. he is a cutie for sure and I can't believe its already been a month!

  2. A month already? No way. Gosh! I love the little cross sweet!

  3. Who would dare to raise an eyebrow? Oh, someone with less than two kids. How I wish I'd had a thumb sucker!!

    PS. Your kid is ADORABLE!!

  4. Oh. My. Goodness! You make the cutest kids, and Zoen totally fits the trend. He is so sweet! I can't believe it's already been a month...I'm so lucky to have met him when he was so tiny (way back when)! And that's a really cute butt, he's got, too ;)

  5. I love it. =)
    I miss that sweet infant against your neck's just wonderful and I'm glad you're soaking it all in. He's a cutie for sure.

  6. Aw, I just love this post Jen! And, I love those kids of yours!!! He is so precious.

  7. Precious! Funny how each one is different, and yet the same! :)


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