Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mr. Mischief - Also Known As Sayer

Where a newborn is delightful in his simplicity and ease, a toddler, full of complications and contradictions, is a source of smiles too.

I say smiles, because really, sometimes?  I could yell, cry, and gnash teeth.  But it's more fun to laugh, so... that's where I land.

Yesterday, I took Zoen back to my room to change him and decided to rock him for a bit in the relative quiet to see if he'd settle to sleep.  The girls came tearing back into my room, "MOM! MOM! Come quick! Sayer is putting water in one of the cups!"  I took my time getting up, (because really, how much damage can water do?  Yeah, go ahead and laugh at me now), and reached my doorway to intercept the girls racing towards me again.  "MOOOOOM!  YOU HAVE TO COME RIGHT NOW!"  Then I heard Sayer shrieking.  I ran into the kitchen, fearing that he accidentally turned on the hot water.

Nope.  This is what I found instead, (and yes, I took pictures before I got him down).

I'm still not 100% sure I know how he got up there.  I'm just thankful that I had done the dishes that day.

He's a mess.  But a cute mess.  Just a few minutes ago, he was pestering loving his baby brother when I came over to redirect him.  (His love is a little... rough).  When he tipped his head back to look at me, I commented on the chocolate on his chin.  He grinned, pointed to it and said,

"Lick it!"

The boy knows I like me some chocolate... but um, not that much.  (Gooey chocolate drool isn't exactly my taste).

Last night, he was in Shaun's lap, alternately noggin-ing* Shaun and loving on his brother.  (He loves his brother a lot, it seems).  Suddenly he started bouncing his belly against the baby, sumo-style, and saying, "I GET ZOEN!" and giggling.

Poor Zoen.  I suppose it's a good thing he's packing on the pounds already.  Padding.

*Noggin-ing - a la Finding Nemo where the turtles run through their "handshake" - "FIN! Noggin! DUDE!"  Noggin-ing is basically headbutting someone.  Thank you to Shaun for teaching the kids that one.


  1. What simply beautiful babies! Dying from the cutetastick-ness.

  2. Super fun - but only because I'm several states away! :)

  3. Seriously, how in the world did he get in the sink? I'm sure Grant will try to pick that move up soon!

  4. Of COURSE you took a picture first. That's one of my favorite things about you :-)

  5. I take the picture first too!


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