Thursday, March 31, 2011

Personal Space

Those of you with small children are quietly asking, "Um, personal space? What's that?"


The mind has a funny way of forgetting just how intensely close and touchy a newborn baby is.  (And really, if you have to be clung to by any variety of human, isn't the tiniest and most snuggly the best choice?)

Before he was born, my personal space violations often had to do with not being able to pee in peace or having boogers wiped on my shoulder.  Not too bad.  But now?  Things are a bit different.  Now, I've got a frequently nursing snuggly little new baby on my person more often than not. Which is manageable, until the rest follow suit.

Because, you see, they LOVE their brother.  And that LOVE is trumped by no other, including love of their mom or dad.  They want to be where he is.  Right where he is. In fact, it seems that the closer they can get, the happier they are.

Which is why I often find myself nursing the baby with a toddler "hugging" him, (or rather, it's laying on him and saying, "awwwwwww."  It's like double-decker boys). Meanwhile, Caly parks herself on my shoulders and Lex wiggles her way under one of my arms.

This wouldn't be that bad if they would JUST stay STILL. But instead, I'm a Mom trapped beneath a squirming, squealing, poking, bouncing mass of children.

I know it won't last forever.  And there's something special about having all of my little ones snuggled up to me at the same time.

But someone might need to remind me of that while I'm fending off small toes from my poking into my ears and dodging flying limbs to the head. And if that person can arrange for me to pee without tiny "helpers?"  Bonus!


  1. Oh how i understand. The other day Phabian (now 6...6!!!! When did he grow up??) was cuddled up beside me on the couch. I was enjoying some computer time and what i really wanted to say was, "Phabian, honey, can you please go play while i have some mommy time?" Then i took a breathe and realized that he is 6, and i am lucky that he still WANTS to love on me. SO i hugged him and told him how much i loved him. Because i guess at the end of the day it wont last forever and the computer will still be there when they go to bed.

  2. Totally feel you girl, but I just have one older kiddo. I feel so bad for Emmy, who always wants on my lap once the evening is quiet. I have definitely had enough by then, though, and she gets pushed over to Joe or on the floor!

  3. Sounds like a Dr Seuss story - with little ones over and under and in between... :)

  4. I half know what you mean, because I have half the number of children. But, they're taller than yours so they take up the same amount of space. (I'm sure there's a math problem in there somewhere.) Add to that that Physical Touch is LAST on my list of love languages and I REALLY understand.

    PS. Rob's comment made me laugh.


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