Thursday, March 3, 2011

Conversations With Lex

Tonight it's just my oldest and me... hanging out while Shaun takes the other two on a double-ish date.  It's been a bit of a long day, and well, I'm ginormously pregnant.  So, while eating dinner, I remarked to the 5 year old,

"Man, I'm tired."

She grinned, pushed a chair towards me and said, "Would you like to put your feet up?"

Man, the kid knows me well.  But I continued,

"Nah, I'm just going to sleep here.  I'm going to put my head down and go to sleep. At the table. OK?"

"No, no mama, you can't sleep until Daddy gets home.  You need to watch me."

(Leave it to the first born to feel that way.  Caly would have been like, "OK!" and as soon as my eyes were closed, she'd have beelined for the chocolate).

I lifted my head and said, "Nah, you're a big girl, right?  You can watch yourself."

She gave me a look and flatly said, "Mama. I can't see myself.  Not unless I look in the mirror, mostly.  So... wake up."

Well.  Alrighty then.

(Is she my mini-me, or what!?)


  1. Love the story! Abby was upset that I wanted to get Anny soap last weekend because she thought it was for eating. Silly girl(s)!!

  2. Man. If only we could set them each in front of a mirror and let them watch themselves... how easy life would be.

  3. Too sweet!! I'm new to your blog, enjoying your posts!

  4. Ok i have been trying to post a comment for like 5 mins and apparently blogger is going insane on me.

    Anyways she is so adroable and i love love love the conversation. My kids would also have said "ok" and raided the fridge.


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