Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Getting in the Groove

So, my house is clean and the children aren't trying to eat each other... thus? I shall blog!

OK, so now, since writing that first sentence, it's two hours later.  Why?

I have four kids.

That should answer everything, but in case you're really morbidly curious?

Lex brings in a blank notebook and wants me to help her write a song.  This involves spelling out the words she wants to use.


Sayer and Caly get into a screaming match.  Lex screams to be heard over them, "HOW DO YOU SPELL YOU!?"

Sayer bonks Caly on the head.  More shouting commences. I try anyway,


Lex glares at her sister.  "MOMMY!  I CAN'T HEAR YOU! HOW DO YOU SPELL YOOOOOOU!?"

I break up the fighting duo and send them to different corners.

Baby starts fussing.  I sneak in his room to replace the pacifier. My sneaking was for naught... I have three little people in my wake, all seemingly uncomprehending the furtive "SHHHHHHHHHH's" that I'm doing.  Baby's awake.

I bounce the baby a bit to get gas bubble out.  He's cranky. Cries. Caly taunts Sayer with a book and then holds it over her head and says, "YOU CAN'T HAVE IT!" Sayer lunges towards her.  She shrieks and runs. He's faster, catches her, and when he can't reach the book, wacks her in the head again.

Once I sort out that mess, I turn back towards the computer.  I can type one handed, right?

I turn to ask Lexi a question in time to see Sayer lean on his bowl of cereal that he insisted he wasn't finished and send it careening onto the floor.  Being that it's dry cereal, it skitters all across the kitchen.

I change two poopy diapers.

The baby spits up on my otherwise clean shirt.

The 3 big kids and I take turns making the baby smile. Caly totally wins at this.

There's a brief scuffle over the rocking chair.  You know, the one that no one wants to use until someone else uses it.

(Why doesn't that work for eating veggies?)

We have an impromptu dance party.

I sneak away and eat a brownie.

When I turn around, Lex is in the doorway with her hands on her hips, "Mooooooooommmmy?  What are you doing?"  Caly appears and cuts to the chase, "Gimme a brownie."  I raise my eyebrows.

"Please."  She grins.

I share.

The kids hug my legs, inhale the brownies, and are off to some magical  land of imagination involving Bobo the dog, a cheese farm, dance class and a baby gym.

And here I am again.  Hiding in the bathtub with the door locked.




  1. You forgot a sentence:

    So, my house is clean and the children aren't trying to eat each other... thus? I shall blog!

    OK, so now, since writing that first sentence, it's two hours later. My house is no longer clean, and the children are now trying to eat each other. Why?

    I know about this sentence because I also have kids & baby. :)

  2. Well, you've still got me beat, cause I don't think my ENTIRE house has been clean at one time since Jameson was born. At least, not without my totally ignoring the kids in order to get it that way, which would mean they WOULD be trying to eat each other. I haven't yet figured out a way to achieve both simultaneously.

  3. HA! The bathtub. Brilliant. Perfect. I'm storing that away for future use.

  4. I do not think anyone would blame you for hiding in the tub! I often have that thought, and we only have ONE!

  5. I LOVE posts like this! You're such a good writer and you capture what I know is REAL life sans embellishment. I can picture and hear all of it as I read! Love you and your wacky brood :-)


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