Monday, May 23, 2011


I have an insanely verbal 22 month old. Instead of focusing on two word sentences, the kid is speaking in paragraphs. I take little credit for this... it's just how he is. (At the current moment, he's over at the sink, grinning at me and saying, "I needa wash my hands! Dey are dirty!")  I love that he's verbal... especially when the sky is falling and all heck is breaking loose here. He's yet to master the art of guile, so I generally get a decent retelling of events:

"Cow-ee hit me!" or "I bonked Zoen!"

And it's handy when he's screaming for something:

"Sayer, what is it that you want?"

"I waaaaaaaant fench fies!"

I didn't have french fries, but at least I knew why he was shrieking.

I think he asked for french fries about 38 times in the course of that 30 minute car trip.  And then he fell asleep.  The next morning, he was all smiles.  I asked if he'd like breakfast, "Yeah!" and then I said, "How about cereal?"  He grinned, waited a beat, and said, "How bout.... fench fies!"

The kid is funny.  And apparently, thoroughly in touch with his emotions.  We were hanging out at my parents' house for dinner the other night and Zoen had just fallen asleep.  Caly started drumming on the kid table and Zoen startled awake.  I quickly shushed her and she stopped.  But because he thinks his sister hung the moon, Sayer had to start drumming too.

I had gone to check on the baby so my mom said, "Sayer, stop drumming on the table please."

He stopped.  But then he stuck his lip out, glared, and flung his arm onto the table.  Then he dropped his head onto his arm with a huff.

When we questioned, he lifted his head and said with perfect empasis, "I. Am. MAD!"  And then he dropped his head again.

We cracked up.  He looked up, grinned at our laughter, then replaced his smile with his mad face before flopping back onto his arm.



  1. Oh he is so stinking adorable and you are in SO much trouble!

  2. Oh my word! He is looking so grown up. That's a great shot by the way. Remember when we used to take pictures? Can we do that again?

  3. love it...wait till he starts asking questions. :)

  4. Fench fies? That's adorable! Cute picture, too!


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