Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sayer - 1 Month (And A Bit More)

Dear Sayer,

Happy one-month birthday!  And a bit, because well... with three kids, Mommy's a bit of a procrastinator.  As of today, you're 14.4 pounds.  You?  As a couple of people have said recently, you are a moose. 

But I think you're cute as a round chubby button. 

You'd think that being so big would mean you'd sleep solidly for 12 hours a night.  Hey, that's what all the old wives' tales say.  You don't.  But you do generally give me a good 5 hour stretch in the beginning of the night...  that's just enough to keep me going.  And really?  I don't mind a good snuggle session in the middle of the night. 

You're a tremendously good eater, (as if there were any doubt given your size).  I love that nursing generally comforts any crankiness, unless the crankies are due to gas.  Then I have to bounce you all over the place until you're gas free.

Speaking of gas, you are unbelievable.  I never knew a kid could wake themselves up with a fart.  For that matter, I never thought one of my kids would be able to wake their Daddy up from a sound sleep with a fart.  You've done both.  Several times. 

Your favorite place to sleep is in someone's arms.  I tend to carry you around through the day either freehand or in one of our slings.  I love that you're flexible enough to do that.  Being kid #3, you don't have much choice.

You had a case of acne bad enough to put a teenager's to shame.  I'm very thankful that finally passed.  Now your cheeks are that much more kissable.

I spend a fair portion of my day totally blissed out from the nuzzles I get to give and the sweet sighs and tiny smiles I get in return. 

It's been 6 weeks and I already miss those sweet first days fiercely.  So I'm grasping onto each day that comes with intentions to wring out every last drop of the joy I get from your babyhood.  If having three has taught me anything, it's that these baby days are fleeting. 

People told me that being the mother of a son elicited a different kind of love.  Verdict's still out on that, but I know that I love you more than words can describe. 

You're my goo-baby, always.


The One With The Boobs
(Because you probably identify with that more than anything, right now). 


  1. The One with the Boobs........LOL
    That reminds me of how I felt when my boys were babies! He reminds me so much of Anthony and Ryan when they were babies (more so Ryan, because he was a CHUNK).


  2. Oh my how the time flies! He is so squeezable!!!! I just wanna nom nom nom his cheeks!

  3. I love the final picture. It's great!!!

  4. That last pic IS amazing! I LOVE Sayer and am totally ok with the fact that his spit up is still on the shirt I'm wearing today :-) He's sweet and has the super-kissable big cheeks all your kids have had as tiny ones. LOVE him!

  5. That last pic is awesome! I want to try making some of those.

  6. I am just SO glad I got to touch on him before I leave this time. Just think, when I get back, he'll be 9 months old! Oh, my. You're doing a great job, Jen!

  7. Oh my gosh, Savannah had that acne. My other kids never had it, but she had it so bad I thought something was wrong with her! I was googling eczema and any other thing I could find. It was awful!!!!

    As for the mommy/son love? Just wait....I took off for a few hours with Aiden today, and started crying in the car because I was picturing his wedding day...and him leaving me to go be with his wife. Yea, I have issues, I know...

  8. that mommy son thing will also kick in more when you walk in and find him hanging by whats left of your good new living room curtains cause hes "pwaying tarrrzan MAMA"
    i have found with our third boy knowing he is our last one has given me a whole different perspective on how fleeting the days may be....
    also that wives take about how they grow more the more they sleep...what i found was the bigger the babe the harder it was to keep em filled up for that long sleep thru the nite.

  9. Is that a hint of milk in the corner of his mouth in the snuggled up towel pic? Too cute! Can't wait to see how his brother looks :)


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