Friday, September 25, 2009


Bean started preschool on Wednesday!  Thinking back to her "I'm-Going-To-SCREAM-bloody-murder-if-you-so-dare-to-leave-me-here" days, I never would have imagined the day would come where she would practically skip out of bed at the sheer mention of preschool.

This morning, I walked into her room to wake her and her first words were, "Get the 3 away!  The 3 is not being nice to me today!" (Yeah, I have no idea).  And then, seconds later, "IS TODAY PRESCHOOL DAY!?"  (Yes, when she's excited, she speaks in capital letters). 

(That's the beginning of the Bean/Mommy Portrait)

It's actually a preschool co-op, so my turn to teach will come soon.  For now, Bean is under the care of some very awesome and competent people who have already taught her far more than I would have imagined could be imparted in two 3 hour class days.

Yesterday, the kid wrote her name.  The day before, she drew a picture of herself and me.  And we had bones.  When she comes out of preschool and I ask about her day, she speaks without punctuation,

"First we had circle time and we sang songs and then we cut houses out of boxes and I drew a picture of us and the pretzels looked like waffles and then we learned to keep our hands to ourselves and to be kind to others and I think I want to do another craft tomorrow at preschool and is preschool tomorrow?"  *Takes a breath* "Oh and guess what I saw Tucker there and he was having fun with Katie and the boys and we all sang a lot and then LUNCH and then..."  This often goes on for quite awhile.

(Notice Bean chatting it up (or looking bossy) at the top left)

I'm super excited for what's to come and love that she's learning a little bit of structure and a BIG love of learning. 

(Thanks to Theresa for the pictures!  I'll have a few more to post in the next few days)


  1. Phabian loved starting school and now MJ will be starting in the next month or so and he is finally excited (after month sof saying he didnt want to go).

    It is so great to see them enjoyig learning. Now if i didnt have the knowledge that one day, probably all too soon, i will have to drag them out of bed to get them to go to school.

  2. YAY!! I'm SO glad she likes it!

  3. So fun! I wish we had a co-op here. I went to one growing up and it was fabulous! I still remember stuff I did there and I was three!!!

    It's great that she is learning so much and enjoys going! What a relief for you!

  4. Awesome!! I wish I had somewhere decent around here to take Aiden for some interaction and structure. I guess he'll be one of those weird unsocialized homeschooled kids ;-)


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