Monday, September 7, 2009


My kids have very different opinions of bugs.  Bean is full of a moderately terrified distaste.  (Yes, the weird contrast of those words is intentional... some days she merely says, "shoo, fly!" and other days, she's screaming and running from gnats).  C, on the other hand, is quite fascinated.  Any fear she might have is a result of someone else's freak-out session.  (Not naming any names, of course).

A few weeks ago, Bean and C were sitting on a spare mattress in Bean's room after a bath.  The girls were stalling the pajama process with a lot of silly antics and I was holding Sayer and getting a kick out of laughing at them.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed movement.  A spider was stealthily making its way across the pillow, just a smidge from Bean's hand.  Wanting to prevent a freak-out, I quietly asked Bean to grab me a bit of toilet paper so I could relocate the offending spider.

"Why, Mommy?" She asked as she walked to the bathroom.  I looked up at her,

"There's a bug on the pillow over there."  She peered at it and continued to the bathroom, mock shuddering.  Suddenly, I heard a squeal,

"BUG!  BUG!  BUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGG!"  I turned around to see C trying her best to grab the quick little bugger in her best pincher grasp.  "BUUUUG!!"

Not knowing the type of spider and not taking any chances, I attempted to pull C's hand from the spider. As expected, this did not please her.  "Bug. BUG!!!  BUUUUUG!!"  She shrieked as she attempted to pick up the bug, (presumably to eat it).  "BUG!"

Bean returned to the room and started her own squealing,

"MAMA!  C's going to get the bug!!  She's going to get it!  AHHH!  MAMA!  C's GOT THE BUG!"

I looked down again to see the spider missing and C grin as she brought her hand to her mouth,


My turn to shriek.

"C, EW! NO!!!"  I started frantically wiping at her hands.  Bean continued shrieking.  I kept cringing and wiping.  C continued grinning and trying to eat her beloved bug. Sayer slept.  Because that's what Sayer does. 

Eventually, I wiped away the rogue spider and our bedtime routine proceeded as planned. 

But nowadays, every time I hear C squeal, "BUG!", I'm sure to pay careful attention to what she's putting in her mouth.

Because spiders?  Um, EW.


  1. hahahaha!! I can picture all of that happening! That's so great!

  2. My littlest cousin ate ladybugs every chance she got - blech!

  3. You haven´t had miss Mary G over to babysit, have you? Because that bosom friend of mine won her outward bound group´s spider-eating contest. Proudly. So she might teach your kids to love Jesus more, but who knows what will end up in their mouths. :-)

    Side note, I love thinking about your two little girls hanging out on a spare mattress protesting getting their pjs on... just so cute. I totally remember those fun moments with my sister and now that I´m 21 I miss being little!!!! You´ll remember those things forever. You´re so good at cherishing your life, Jen. It´s awesome. Your kids are lucky!

    Miss you and love you!

  4. LOL that just gave me a good old laugh! My boys love rollie pollies (potaote bugs as I called them as a kid). They often try to bring them in the house along with worms and anything else they find of interest. Boys will be boys and it sounds to me like C has a little Tomboy in her!

  5. Eating a bug has never crossed my mind and I'm SO not telling Ella this story! You do a great job of painting the picture of an evening at your house :-) Hysterical!


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