Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Trying to Say Yes

Awhile back, I made a pact with myself that I would try to say "yes" to the kids as often as possible. Obviously, requests such as, "Can I play on that little roof with the rake?" "Can we paint your car with dirt?" and Zoen's unspoken request to use the electrical sockets as keyholes are understandably denied.

But I realized that I often said no to things with little reason other than I didn't feel like making it happen or that it would make some kind of mess. Well, I need to get over being lazy and messes can be cleaned. 

So, I started saying yes. "Can we jump on your bed?" Sure! "Can we go to the library again today?" Why not? "Can we listen to that song again?" (And again, and again, and again, and... oh my ears... but ok!)

The experiment was a lot of fun for both the kids and for me. They got to do a lot of stuff that they wanted and I totally grinned at their wide-eyed response when I'd surprise them with a "yes" when they were expecting "no."

A day or two in, Caly turned to me and said, "Today is Hello Kitty's birthday! Can we have a party?"

A beat, and then... "Sure!" 

So, I made a cookie cake, Lex made decorations, and we set the table for a party. It started as a 7th birthday party for a giant headed Hello Kitty and morphed to a joint party for her and for Lexi's new pet, Pengy as well as for Sayer's stuffed bear, Rarey. The kids asked for gift bags (yes) and tissue paper (sure) and gathered presents for their animals. We waited until Shaun got home and had a little party and I didn't worry a bit that we were chowing on cake before dinner. Ok, that last part is a lie, but I swallowed my control issues and let them go to town.

I think it's safe to say that a good time was had by all.

The birthday Stuffy with C.

Rarey the Bear turns... one?

Pengy claimed that blowing a candle out while having a beak was tough so Lex helped.

And while Z didn't offer a stuffed friend for celebrating, he definitely felt like he should take part in the fun. Safe to say that the boy likes whipped cream.


  1. All I have to say is: GOOD FOR YOU!! I wish I had said "yes" more often. Way to go, Jen.

    1. Thanks Terry :) I was surprised at how good it made ME feel. I like being fun mom.

  2. Love it! I TRY to do the "say yes" thing, especially for the park or the Library. It's a struggle this time of year when the weather is wonky, though. Hoping for spring to stick soon and do more "yes"-sing! :)

  3. Some of my favorite memories (as daughter and mother) are those unexpected 'yes' moments. Good for you!!!

  4. We had a pretend birthday party for Eli today! Ours was a little weaker than yours; I'll blame the pregnancy. But I did make waffles and put candles in them so we could sing. For the child who was on the floor crying because when he woke up he for some reason thought it was his birthday and was inconsolable when told, eh, NO. Ah, childhood. Equal parts magic and trauma.

  5. I said yes to Hannah yesterday when she asked for a shovel to dig a hole in the backyard and plant a "seed". She was overjoyed and had a great time digging up the lawn :-)

    Thanks for the reminder that saying yes is worth the hassle of getting up off my butt to find a shovel!

  6. What a cool mom to say "yes" to almost everything. I wish I have that kind of attitude. I'll sure try that for a change and at the same time have fun with it. Kids grow so fast so we need to enjoy them as much as we can.


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