Monday, April 23, 2012

Kid-isms, Episode Eleventy Twelve

Sayer has been a treasure trove of misspoken words lately. Maybe it makes me a bad parent, but 99% of the time, I just let them go... they're too funny to change. And besides, when I try to tell him how things are really said/pronounced, he usually doesn't listen.

All of the kids have been on a choose your own cereal kick lately where they pick two or three kinds to mix. Most of the cereals are named through description rather than brand. So, the other day, Sayer asked for "squares" and "waisin brown."  I giggled at the last one and said, "Hey bud, can you say 'raisin bran?'"

He looked at me, immediately said, "Waisin bran. But that cereal is called Waisin BROWN mommy, WAISIN BROWN."

Hey, it's brown and it has raisins. Touche.

Caly also has a few mispronunciations that I adore, like "callapitters," but her moments in hilarity are often a result of strange names for her toys.

Michelle bought the kids these tiny souvenir turtles that have little bobble heads and Caly immediately took it under her wing and named it Sarah. It was dubbed Sarah for quite awhile before it got lost in the diaper bag. She rediscovered it at a birthday party the other day and after calling it Sarah a few times, she declared that Sarah the Turtle would henceforth be called...


As in, "This is my turdy." or "Isn't my turdy cute?" or, the shortened version, "ONLY MOMMIES CAN TOUCH MY TURD!" and "My turd does NOT like to be bonked on the head.

Yeah, I'd like to see you swallow your laughter every time she brings you her Turdy to pet.

Between the two of them, we can write a new dictionary AND the next hot baby names book.


  1. We don't call any cereal by it's name. Partially so we can swap in generics and she can't read the different name in the box. We eat Honey O's, Taking Cereal, Rainbow Rings, and Marshmallow Cereal. Bonus points if you know what those really are (hint the last one has rainbows and clovers). Our fun phrases often come from rhyming time with words like tick and duck.

  2. Such nice children to share their turds with you! :)

  3. How about one of the twins telling me that he fell and hurt his hand ankle....aka wrist!


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