Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Card Outtakes - Episode 2

What do you get if you take three kids to the mall to possibly hope for a few good shots against the Christmas decorated backdrop?


I think we were a trifle optimistic to think that these highly distractable kids were going to sit pretty and smile at the same time when LOOK!  There's something SHINY!

Combine that with crap lighting and bad camera settings and hey, at least you get some outtakes!

(I will send out a Christmas card if it kills me.  I will). 

Hey C!  Put your head on Sissy's shoulder and then smile!  Hey um, Lex?  You LIKE your sister.  I promise.  You might want to pretend at least.  Or not. 

Smile with your WHOLE face!  Not just your lips!  Those, yes THOSE, they're cheeks!

Smile Caly! Or um, do that. Right. OK, nevermind. 

Round 3 to resume post nap.  Send flurries and hot chocolate. 


  1. OMG how can you ever say no to any of those faces? You have 3 of the cutest kids i have ever seen!

  2. ok looking at that last picture i just gotta say i like that Caly. and i've still never met her, but that face is PRICELESS!

  3. I think the last one should for sure go on the card.

  4. You don't know me. Your blog showed up in a Google Image search for a "Christmas smile" image. Actually, the bottom one in this post is the one that showed up. I just had to tell you that this is one of THE best Christmas shots I've ever seen. I am a mom of 7 so I can totally relate to the fact that smiles for the camera are not always on the agenda.


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