Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Runs in the Family

Today we went in for the super fun 20 week sonogram.  I say super fun now because I've been given the "Everything looks perfect!" all clear that I stressed over for the last 20 weeks.  (I always get that way before the big sonogram).  Anyway, the sonographer spent a good amount of time measuring this part and that part, commenting periodically about cute movements the baby would do. 

(The other kids thought it was pretty cool.  Lex really could make out what parts of the baby were which...  Caly?  Well, she saw a lot of movement and decided to make friends with our sonographer and sit on her lap and ask questions instead.  Sayer was completely enthralled when we listened to the heartbeat, "WOOOOAH!")

At one point, the baby stuck his finger up their nose.  I knew at that point exactly what gender this kid would be. 

When you ask Sayer where his nose is, he knows right away.  And sticks his index finger so far up his nostril that you worry slightly that he's poking his brain.  Better yet?  He's never satisfied until he finds YOUR nose, too.  Using the same methods.  Ew, right?

Seems the little one is following in Big Brother's footsteps. 

It's a boy! 


  1. Congrats to the whole Looney family! Fun times ahead!

  2. Yay! Sayer is going to be a great big brother. They are going to have so much fun together. We are so happy for the whole family!

  3. Too cute. Boys are gross but we love them anyways.


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