Sunday, October 17, 2010

Plate Spinning

I don't know where I first heard the analogy, but it's a good one.  Walking through life is a lot like being a plate spinner. 

Each of those plates represent a different piece of your life that you have to pay a certain amount of attention.  Kids?  Plate.  Husband?  Plate.  Housework?  Plate.  Cooking?  Plate.  Friends?  Plates.  Exercise?  Plate.  Sleep?  Plate. 

If you start frantically spinning at one that might be slipping, it's not long before you find 5 other ones slipping. 

So you have to take a deep breath and give what you can to all the plates.  And if you have more plates than you can handle?  You have to let 'em go.  (Personally, I'm all for dropping the housework plate...)

Anyway, my plates were flying all over the place for awhile there and I was having a crazy time trying to scrape by with the bare minimum to keep them all from crashing down, (which would have resulted in me taking a very long nap... so... win for the sleep plate?)  And blogging?  Blogging became one of those little cup saucers and I shoved it into my back pocket.  Somehow, I thought that some things, like, you know, feeding these little people were more important.  (True.  They get very cranky when hungry).  But I got a day to myself and got some things in order that were otherwise neglected.  And now?  I feel sane(r).  Plates might get shaky, but they're up!

Anyway, I have a litany of blog posts in my head and I'm slowly starting to write them out.  So I'm working on it.  If you've stuck around?  Thanks.  I do appreciate your comments, both in real life and on here.  I don't know that I've mentioned that.  But yes, I'm a sucker for attention a fan of feedback, so thanks again :)


  1. Of course we stuck around... You are a plate that I keep on spinning? Something like that anyway. See you soon.

  2. I refuse your blatant baiting just for comments... wait!

    You're awesome, Jen. I'm in more of a blog-funk thank you are, so THERE!

  3. boy do i know how you feel. Kids, Husband, Dishes, Cleaning, Laundry, who has time for sleep.


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