Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sayer - 3 Month Update

(Good GRIEF, how did 10 days of November fly by like that?  Ooof!)

My Snuggly Cebu,

Being that you hit the size of a 3 month old at oh, about 3 weeks, it's weird to think that you're only that old.  It feels like you've been here for so much longer than that.

You're by far the happiest of my babies.  When you're awake and you catch someone's eye, you grin.  You grin at your sisters.  You grin at me.  You grin at anyone who will talk to you.  Heck, you grin at the ceiling fan too. 

And it's so very easy to make you laugh.  You regularly crack up for no reason other than the tone of my voice when I talk to you.  And if I can't get you to laugh by talking to you, I can tickled you.  Without fail, I'll get at least a smile. 

It's a good thing you're so jolly.  You're probably the worst sleeper of all three kids. My body has actually begun to accept that it's going to get no more than 6 hours of decent sleep a night.  I keep reminding myself that it won't last forever.  Because it won't.  Those 5am wake-ups where you are remarkably reluctant to settle back into sleep will fade before I know it and I'll miss having the one time a day that's just you and me. 

You love being carried and "worn" by your Daddy and me... and it works out quite nicely as you conk out pretty easily in the carrier or sling, but dude, you keep growing at that rate and I'm going to need some complicated lever system to haul you around.

(No babies were harmed in the taking of this picture...)

I love you more than muffins and yes, you're spoiled to bits.  Your daddy called me out on it... and you know?  He's right.  But hey, he's been spoiling your sisters for years.  My turn :)

Love always from that lady who makes the crazy faces and carries you around all day,



  1. One day Sayer will be making that same face (as daddy); I just know it.

  2. Wonderful celebration post - three months? Wow, time flies!

  3. I just LOVE how you love your family! And yes, daddies have their little girls, but we moms have our boys!

  4. I was amazed how in love I fell with my boy. I had grown up around all girls and my first was a girl, so when I was pregnant I was worried I wouldn't know what to do with a boy! Turns out the answer is what you have discovered... Kiss them to death!
    Now I hope for one more boy someday, because having a little boy love you is just quite magical!

  5. God i could just eat him up!!!!

    I cant wait til my little man gets here(probably nexy week)!

  6. So incredibly adorable! Love the babywearing.


  7. So precious. What lovely pictures too!!!


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