Thursday, November 5, 2009

C Monkeyisms

The other day, C woke up from her nap quite a bit crankier than usual.  I walked her into the kitchen to get her a snack to hopefully boost her mood. 

"C, do you want an apple or a pretzel?"

She stared at me. 

"An apple or a pretzel?"

Her stare turned into a glare.

"C?  Do you want an apple or a pretzel?"

She waited for one more second then flatly said,


(She got the cookie)


 Shaun took C over to pet the cow at the farm this past weekend.  She grinned at it for awhile, saying "Mooooo!" and "Cooooow!" over and over.  The she got quiet, poked at the cow, and said,


Apparently, she won't be following in her mother's quasi-vegetarian footsteps. 

 C's taken to calling Bean "Sister!" complete with the exclamation mark.  Lately, she's been narrating everything that's going on.  "Sister, POTTY!" "Sister, EAT!" "Sister, hug!"  and when Bean is throwing a complete conniption, "Sister, Crying!  SISTER CRYING!"  Bean gets so ticked.  Semi-sweet vindication.

C crawled over to me while I was nursing the baby and headbutted my leg.  I pretended to be wounded and she giggled.  Then,

"EAT YOU!" and she pretended to bite my arm. 

I should watch out, the girl's hungry.


  1. OMG, my husband would love to know where you got the Ramones tee that C is wearing! So cool!
    Also, my kids are always inserting an option three (usually COOKIE or ICE CREAM) that hasn't even been offered in the list of possibilities!

  2. Is that another fully manual shot? GREAT!!

  3. She is a trip! I least you can skip the conversation about where beef actually comes from loL!

  4. So cute! I forgot the ability to suggest alternative snacks started so early!


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