Monday, November 2, 2009

Or Again?

Yesterday after dinner, Bean was looking at her placemat, (this particular one has all of the state flags on it), and asking Robin and me to name the states that go with each flag.  Robin would name them each in sing-song and because she was pointing to them in alphabetical order, I'd jump in whenever I thought I knew what came next.

She got to Oregon's flag and as she had for the last few, she asked,

"And what's this one?"

Robin:  "Orrregon!"

She jabbed at it again, "What's this one?"


Again, "WHAT is THIS ONE?!"

Robin and I together: "Orrrregon!"

Bean poked at her placemat in frustration and yelled,

"STOP SAYING OR AGAIN!  I don't WANT to do it AGAIN!  What IS this one?"

After we finished trying to control our laughter, we told her we weren't saying "or again", but rather, "OREGON!"

"Oregon?  This one is Oregon?"



Apparently, we have a bit of a communication issue there.  Hehe.


  1. That's a great picture! Her hair is getting SO LONG!!

  2. Wow - you got a laugh out of Anny before 6 in the morning... this is hilarious!

  3. Oh man you cant make this stuff up! I love kids and miscommunications make for the best laughs (and blog posts)!


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