Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Overheard in Looneyville

We're driving home after picking up our farm share last night and I realized that I forgot something. "Oh! I forgot something!"

Lex looks up from the book she was reading and with a perfectly flat tone, says, "Well, crap."

I unsuccessfully tried to swallow my laughter and she busted into giggles. When we calmed down, I explained that it wasn't a pretty word to come out of her mouth and asked her to refrain from using it, like the word "stupid".

She said, "Yeah! Like freakin'!"

Um, yeah. That.

Shaun and the kids were naming book and TV characters and matching them to our family,

Lex: "I can be Belle because I like to read! Caly can be... Daisy Duck because she likes to help people..."

Shaun asked her, "What about me?"

Lex: "You're totally Goofy. Because you're goofy!"

Shaun: "And Mommy?"

Lexi: "Mommy can be Sleeping Beauty!"

Shaun: "That's nice! Is that because she's--"

Lex interrupts, "It's because she's tired all the time!"

Well, hmph.


Zoen has a new word. It's his first non-babble word. (Like "mama" or "baba" or the like).

It's "RAR-RAR"

He says it while running around the house or when he has something in his hand that would or could make a roaring sound. Like a dinosaur.

I think this is the most appropriate first word any of these kids has ever had. He's a mess.

I like to chat with the kids while driving home, (namely because it keeps me awake because kids are so hilarious when they're candid). I was asking Lex what she wanted to be when she grew up.

(Oh, and for the record, when questioned, Sayer said, "I WANNA BE A NUFFIN!" So there's that).

She thought for a minute then launched into a 10 minute monologue about how she wanted to be a singer THEN a paleontologist THEN a mommy.

She paused and then said, "Or, maybe I could just sing songs about dinosaurs and babies!"

A beat later,

"But man, dinosaur names are hard to rhyme."



  1. that Bean of yours is just too much :)

  2. How on earth do they keep getting funnier? You should send your blog posts to some screenwriter for a movie to be made. Owen Wilson could play Shaun, from what the kids say. :)

  3. Ha! That's wonderful. (All of it, but especially the dinosaur names are hard to rhyme.)

  4. "But man, dinosaur names are hard to rhyme."

    Best line ever.


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