Friday, February 17, 2012


So, I've been mentally collecting these little things about me that are kind of... weird. Well, I don't think they're weird. But other people do. So I'm going to do what any good blogger would do and let you guys decide.

1. I stir my coffee with a butter knife. I'm guessing this is an odd thing. But I have an excellent reason! Since there's a Spoon Monster that has made off with the vast majority of my teaspoons, I hesitate to use them unless absolutely necessary. But with four small children who don't regularly need to cut their lunch, we always have knives. Hence, my solution!  Heck, whatever actually stirs the cream into my caffeine.

2. I sleep with a quilt, even in the summer. I have to. It's the weight. In fact, I love winter because I can pile on more blankets. I think I'd be completely happy taking a nap under a mound of sand. Apparently, they make weighted blankets. This has been on my wishlist for a long, long time.

3. When Shaun travels, I have to open the shower curtain before I go to bed. I know that the nation's serial killers aren't going to take refuge in my tiny bathroom, but I still can't sleep unless I do this.

4. When I drive alone, the car can not be silent or I get that creepy feeling that someone is in my back seat. If there's music on, I totally don't feel this way. Apparently, I firmly believe that my taste in music drives the criminals away.

5. I really, REALLY like rainy days. I liked them even more before I had kids when I could sit in my pajamas and curl up with a good book. Yeah, so I still sit around in my PJ's. And it doesn't have to be rainy.

OK, some of those are decidedly odder than others. And really?  I don't think any are that weird. So, what's your weird quirk?


  1. I have to eat anything small in two's and if there is an odd man out I either give it to Tom or through it away!!

    The sound on my TV has to be on an even number.

    I guess there is a pattern here!!

    At the gym I'm known as the person that always straightens up the kettlebells. Unless they are lined up correctly and in order I have a hard time working out.

    1. That should be Tim not Tom!!

    2. and throw not through. Geez I need to proofread better before posting something!!

  2. I do the quilt thing also! For the weight and comfort of feeling secure underneith something. Like I can hide under it if someone were to break into the house. It drives Brandon nuts.

    1. Personally, I think quilts make excellent armor. Also, Shaun and I sleep with separate blanket sets because we can NOT share!

  3. When I use the microwave, lets say twice a day, I have to use the same digit multiple times. When something says "microwave for one minute" I have to go with either 55 or 66 seconds. I know I am doing it, and tell myself each time that it's silly, but I still end up doing it...

  4. So apparently we have a lot of the same quirks. I have to have weight when it comes to my blanket. It has to be heavy enough for me to feel "trapped" by it but i always manage to end up with a foot sticking out the side in case i get hot.

    I also stir my coffee with a butter knife for almost the exact same reason. Also because i use a very tall coffee cup and it seems to be the only thing that i use that i dont nburn the tips of my fingers with while stiring. :)

    i too listen to music in the car because the silence creeps me out. And i also adore the rain but even more so a loud crashing thunderstorm :) On the very top of my favorites list.

    One quirk i have that drives my hubby nuts is my uncanny ability to hear any annoying noise even if it is unhearable to anyone else. He says i have super sonic hearing. Example: He licks the cornor of his mouth constantly with the tip of his tongue. It drives me bat-poo crazy! I apparently am the only one hwo can hear this.

    1. These are excellent! I'm cracking up knowing I'm not alone!

  5. I also stir my coffee with a butter knife. It gets the job done and leaves the precious few spoons available for spoonable jobs.

    I can't sleep without something on me. When it's cray hot in the summer, I usually am ok with just a sheet... but I'd prefer to crank up the AC and use a blanket.

    I totally relate to Joyce's eating-by-twos and volume quirks. Except I go with 5's instead of even numbers.

    And, I must say, these are great, but are in no way your strangest quirks.

    LOVE YOU!!

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