Monday, February 27, 2012

My Looney Littles

My kids are busy being my kids. Which means that they're being unintentionally hilarious and growing way too fast.

Sayer randomly had hives on his legs for the second day in a row and as I was looking at him, I remarked to Shaun, "I don't know why he has hives again. The hives are only on his legs!"

Sayer quietly tried to scratch and a few areas were reddened. He looked down and then exclaimed, "MAMA! Someone high-fived my legs and dey are all redded up!"

The kids have grasped onto the idea that people get to choose a career when they get older. The one constant in Lexi's aspirations is to be a mom and live next door to me, (aww, right?!). Most recently, she also added that she wanted to be a worker in a grocery store. When asked why, she said she liked helping people and the grocery store would let her work only sometimes so she could stay home with her babies instead of having to work all the time.

Caly was listening in on this conversation and piped up, "I want to be a police officer when I get big."

I asked her why and she said, "So I can tell people what to do."

Grinning, I questioned whether she wanted to help people and rescue people too.  She tilted her head and looked at me out of the corner of her eye, "Yeah, that too. But I really want to tell people what to do."

I have a feeling the world's not ready for that one.

Sayer is ALMOST potty trained now. He's dry all day long, for the most part and now we're just encouraging the progress of doing the other "business" in the potty. The girls think it's a hoot to encourage him and often will say, "LOOK! I can do it, you can too!"

Caly, in particular, likes to help motivate. I'm thinking the gummy bears help.

So, the two of them are always in the bathroom, it seems. But hey, no one is peeing on my floor, so yay?

Well, the other thing that drives my kids into the bathroom is telling them that they may not run around using potty talk in the house unless they're in the bathroom. (I got tired of hearing "POOPIE! PEEEEEE!" and the like being shouted at all hours of the day, so the bathroom became the potty talk safe zone).

So this morning, I walked into the bathroom where Caly was er, doing her business. I asked Sayer to come out, and Caly quickly shouted, "OH! No, Mama! Let him stay! I want to tell knock-knock jokes with him!" So I left him in there and closed the door, just in time to hear "KNOCK KNOCK!" "Who's there?" "POO POO PEE PEE HINEY TALK!" and two little voices dissolving into laughter.

Hey, whatever keeps the potty talk away from the dinner table.

Zoen is a ridiculously agile baby. At 11 months, he's attempting to walk everywhere. Not that remarkable, but the climbing this boy does? Yesterday, he used a toddler rocker to climb into a big chair near our front window and was trying to figure out how to climb onto the window sill. It's crazy. I didn't have babyproof much aside from stairs and plugs with the other kids, but I have a feeling I need a padded room for this one.

Don't believe me?  Look what he does with the slide in his brother's room:

He's ELEVEN MONTHS OLD.  I took that video on the day I first discovered he could do it. Since then, we've put a mattress on the top and he regularly scampers up there to try and dive over the side.

I need more coffee.


  1. You might need to invest in a baby cage! :)

    Love your stories, as always. You are a saint and I expect you to get a call from The Pope to reflect such sometime soon.... or something like that!

  2. Your kids crack me up! I think my crew with your crew could rule the world! LOL Oh and as for Z ... yeah, that climbing thing comes with being the 4th no doubt! S is a major climber!!

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