Saturday, November 12, 2011


You know what I hate more than the scuzzies that get into the drain catch in the sink?


The cold and flu season has barely started and we've been through a wicked bout of croup, a couple of colds, a stomach virus, and now, a nasty double ear infection for S.


Anyway, we've wiped down the house from ceiling to floor and we're hopefully on the mend. 

So, share with me... best cold and flu prevention tips. AND! Best home remedies for when you or your little people are under the weather. 

We're currently taking vitamins, (multi, vitamin D, acidophilus and DHA), eating tons of fresh fruit and veggies, washing hands when we can, playing outside often as my kids will let me push them out the door, and staying away from sugar as much as possible. 

As for when we've gotten sick, we've found that humidifiers are golden, the shower is a lovely anti-croup chamber, (though mildew can flare up, so vent well when done), and honey makes a decent cough calmer.

What'cha got, people?  I'm all about upping my arsenal against the wiley, beastly germs.


  1. Hi Jen, it's Lauren's mom. Not sure if you've heard of Young Living Essential Oils... they are great for many, many things. Anyway, they have a line of products called Thieves, and the Thieves essential oil is great to put on the bottom of the feet every morning. It's a great anti-viral, anti-bacterial oil. The website is and if you have any questions, let me know. Cheers! p.s. - your kids are adorable!!

  2. We do the multi/d/probiotic combo to ward off germs. I don't have much advice beyond that. I'm sorry you've had such a rough into to winter thus far. I vote you get a break next week. I miss seeing your smiling face!

  3. I'm SO sorry S is sick again. If it makes you feel better we've had the stomach flu (3/4 of us), a horrible cough (1/4), and LICE (1/4) in our house this week. And the same 1 poor child had all 3! LORD help us all.

    As far as tips, I have washed my hands raw but it seems to have worked in me being the only one not throwing up this week. I'm also a bit nazi-ish when someone's sick about saliva sharing (kissing, sharing cups, food). And I've lysoled door knobs, computers, cell phones, light switches, toilet flushing handles and more this week. Who knows if it works but it makes me feel better!

  4. I know it doesn't work for everyone, but now that Christopher is on an inhaler from November-April he is MUCH less sick than he used to be!

    Here's my tip: If your kid is coughing all the time and constantly diagnosed with croup, google "cough variant asthma" and prepare to be amazed. He doesn't wheeze or have asthma attacks, it just presents as a cold/cough but after a couple of days on the inhaler he is magically cured. After five years of non-stop coughing from Thanksgiving through Easter we are living a whole new world.

    Other than that, I try to keep my kids from picking their noses and wiping it on me.


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