Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Zoen - The Fourth at Four Months

Hey, remember how I used to do monthly updates from pregnancy onward of my first born?  Then remember how it was almost as frequent with my second?  And then, remember how I periodically did it with my third?

Oh, and remember how I have a fourth kid? 

And he's four months old?  Well, better late than never, I'm thinking.

Zoen is 4.5 months old.  So far in his short life he has:

- Rolled over front to back and back to front.
- Erupted in belly laughs, (and does so often)

- Smiled at me, daddy, his sisters.... um, everyone.
- Sprouted a tooth, (I know, RIGHT?!)
- Gotten a cold, (at 2 weeks old, sad baby).

- Grown to 17.5 pounds, (oy)
- Developed a preference for being held under my chin
- Sucked his thumb... then a pacifier... then both
- Been sat on by his brother

- Been dressed up by his sisters

- Progressed to a nap longer than 45 minutes
- Learned to grab and eat anything within reach, (including my face)

Busy, right?

He's a lovable, squishable, easy-going little monkey.  He prefers to be carried on my left side or in a sling. He gets excited and all four limbs start kicking and flailing. He can squeal when happy and does the best pouty lip ever when he's sad. He still looks perpetually surprised and often reminds me of a little old man.

I love him. Of course! But could he stop growing up so fast? Geez!


  1. I have a 9 month old who is 15 lbs. and has no teeth! :) It's amazing how different God makes us... even from birth! I love seeing him! Thanks for taking a break in the crazy to show us. :)

  2. Jen he is so cute! Love the first picture with his big bright eyes!

  3. Oh my Lord that kid is adorable!!

  4. I love the update! He's totally beating Sadie in the teeth department. She's got 2 and will be a year old next week!! Need some more snuggles with that 4th born of yours.

  5. Nothing better than a good belly laugh! Such a cutie!

  6. You have adorable kids - and Zoen is no exception!!! :) But, who the heck does he look like?

  7. OMG I just wanna smooch him. He is possible the cutest lil thing in existence right now!

  8. I remember how quickly my 2nd one seemed to grow... his first year FLEW by. I can only imagine what it must be like with four!

    Congratulations... four months is a precious time. :)


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