Friday, July 15, 2011

A Battle of Wits, Won

Sayer has finally reached the level of verbal communication which allows him to argue somewhat effectively.  Combine that with two older sisters who, at times, delight in the ability to needle their brother and you often have some hilarious arguments taking place between the almost-2-year-old and his siblings.

I gave him a spoon this morning with the words "Animal Baby" on it.  I have no idea where we got it, but it tends to be a highly requested spoon, probably because it was requested once by one kid, and thus, it MUST be an amazing spoon that all must fight over. Of course.

Anyway, I tossed that spoon into his cereal bowl and served the other kids. Inevitably, the conversation turned to what spoons each kid had chosen or were given. Lex turned to Sayer and said, "Look buddy, you have the animal baby one!"

Sayer looked at his spoon, frowned and quickly said back,


And of course, because she's my kid and she's never one to shy away from an argument when she knows she's right, Lex had to engage,

"Yes it is, Sayer, it's the animal baby one!"


"It is the animal baby one!" I shot her a warning glance.  She looked at me and whispered, "But is IS, Mama!"

Sayer still wasn't buying it. "NO! IT. NOT!"  At this point, he was standing in his chair with the spoon hoisted into the air.

"Yes it is, it says "animal baby!"

"NOOOOOO.  IT. NOT. ANIMAL BABY...  IT A SPOON!"  He poked it towards his sister as if to say, "SEEEE?"

Ah.  He had her there.

(He totally gets those brains from his Mama... hehe)

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