Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Sometimes, I feel like doing this to the world:

Today is blah.  I have 2.25 sick kids.  Bean has a cough, but is acting fairly normal.  C has boogers and is cranky as crud.  And I haven't the slightest idea as to whether Sayer's sick or if he's just a bit congested because that's how babies get sometimes.  But he's cranky and fusses through his feedings, so he probably has a touch of something.

On top of that, I'm TIRED.  Very, very tired.  The three kids were up throughout the night, ensuring that I didn't get more than 2 hours of sleep in a row.  (And that might have happened only once).  So I'm going to whine about it.

So yes, today's a blah day.  It would have been massively compounded if I had to make some semblance of order out of this house, but thankfully, that superman that I married cleaned the majority of the house yesterday.  He rocks. 

No, there's no point to this entry other than allowing me to vent and to share a fun picture of Miss Bean that cracks me right on up when I see it. 

Now?  Off to hunt up some ice cream.  Because really, what good is ice cream if not for its mood healing properties?


  1. Sorry it's a sucky day...hope it somehow ends better than it has started :-( Insane and Cuckoo describes my day so I'm feelin' ya girl.

  2. We all have days where we need to Vent, and its your blog so if thats what you want/need to do, then go ahead.
    I hope tonight and tomorrow go better.

  3. Us too. Although thankfully the kids kicked through with just a wee bit of crud. The grown-ups on the other hand....ugh. I've eaten far too much ice cream this week because it truly does soothe the throat...

  4. oh it is post like these that make me gla di have not popped yet lol. I hope you are having better days now!


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