Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Product Review: Little Playful Chef's Kit

Bean has loved helping in the kitchen since she was old enough to stand on a chair.  She loves helping with dishes, mixing things in a bowl, and definitely tasting things.

We were given the opportunity to review a Little Playful Chef's Kit and it's been a hit around here.
As soon as the package arrived, Bean BEGGED me to put the apron on her.  I found that the apron was easily adjustable and would fit a variety of sizes.  I love that aspect because I know it'll fit her for years to come.

Oh, she wore the apron for days straight.

The kit includes child-sized tools that are just right for the beginning set to learn their way around kitchen utensils.

But the genius of the product are the recipe cards that accompany the set.  Each card has a shopping list, a tool list, and the recipe.  But the best part is that there are easy ways on each card to engage your child in learning about nutrition, kitchen safety, measurements, and sequencing.

The creator of this product also makes a cookbook.  When reviewing the Little Chef's Kit,  that was my first thought:  "They should SO make a cookbook!"  I'm really excited to pick the cookbook up and start making other recipes.  

Each of the measuring cups and spoons are color coded so that even the youngest child can begin to "read" the recipes by matching the color needed on the recipe card with the color on their utensil.  Bean loved being able to feel independent when I'd ask her to find the right spoon.

The recipes are healthy and VERY easy to understand.  (Rather crucial for the young set).  Bean and I chose to make the pita pizza and found that we both learned things as we read through the cards.

It was an interesting exercise in self control for me as well.  The instructions very clearly state what are kid jobs vs. what are parent jobs.  I had to step back after explaining directions and allow Bean to have at it.  The result was a very self satisfied kid who inhaled the entire dish.  I suspect that had a lot to do with the "I MADE IT!" factor.

All in all, the kit is a big hit at our house.  When not in use, the apron, recipe cards, and tools store in a clear backpack that is easily tucked into a cabinet or hung behind a door.

Playful Life, the company producing this product, is dedicated to teaching kids life skills that will help them as they get older.  The company is dedicated to helping parents teach their kids every day through meaningful activities that are also a ton of fun.  Their products are appealing to kids in so many ways:  colorful, simple, and easy to understand.  I love the company's vision and goals and wouldn't hesitate to buy more of their products in the future.

Anything that helps me have fun with my kids while in the kitchen works for me!  For more Works for Me Wednesday tips, visit Rocks in My Dryer.


  1. Sounds awesome! Ashleigh LOVES to help in the kitchen too. She even peeled the shrimp for dinner tonight! I may have to add that to her Christmas list....

  2. Darn it! This is about a week too late for me to get for the neices for Christmas. One has a birthday next month, though...

  3. I LOVE this!!! My almost 6yo would flip for the 6+ set. Thanks so much for the helpful review!

  4. Your such a fun mom! Where do find these great things? ~julie

  5. Seriously, where do you find all these cool things? Sure I'm not a kid, but I really want this for me, cause it looks way fun! :)

  6. V hasn't even seen this and I can already tell you that she wants it. She would pass out from the excitement.

  7. that is so cute, I love the egg time. I like how everything is so easy to use and only requires minimal adult assistance.


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